Fly Patterns

Listed below are flies that are productive in Louisiana waters, and/or flies originated by resident anglers. Also check out and the Louisiana Fly Trader Facebook page for additional patterns used routinely by Louisiana fly anglers.

On any of these pages, click on the fly image for a larger resolution of the fly.

Warmwater Saltwater Miscellaneous
Jitterbee Kirk's Spoon SR71 Woolybugger
Foil Pencil Popper Coma Spoon Rosborough Hares Ear
Fluff Butt LaFleur's Charlie VOSI
Silli Minnow Petes Perch Float Popper
Kathy's Silver Minnow Flip Flop Popper
Kathy's Golden Spider Prince of Tides
Tom Nixon Spinner Whitlock's Saltwater Baitfish
Foam Popping Bug Coma Cockaho
Rio Bandito
Crystal Shrimp
Cap Spider Flasher Fly
Countach Plus
GBEP Spawning Shrimp

Cabali Worm
Sanibel Special
Slow Sinking Spider
SR71 Seaducer
Amnesia Fly Ron's Redchaser

Shiny Fon-Fon