Thursday, February 03, 2000

Ron's Redchaser

Originator:  Ron Begnaud

Species:  redfish, drum, other inshore species

Remarks: by Ron Begnaud

Ron's Redchaser is a fly I developed in the Spring of 2001. One of the things I find most rewarding about fly tying is the problem solving aspect of it. I was met with the challenges of the marsh being particularly muddy. I needed a fly that would be visible in bad water. I also wanted a fly that would push water and look like a mouthfull to big fish. Having already come to the conclusion that the mouth of redfish is on the bottom of their head for a reason (they feed down) I knew I wanted a fly with a little weight that would settle on the bottom. 

Combining these attributes, plus a desire to always have the fly ride hook up, and be fairly weedless, the redchaser was born. After first developing this fly it took me a long time to actually get a fish to refuse it. It produced agressive strikes in many varied conditions. Rons Redchaser is now my go to and signature redfish fly. I hope it catches as many fish for you as it has for me.


  • Hook - Eagle Claw EC413 60 degree jig hook, or Mustad 34007 with eye bent 60 degrees toward point, size 2 or 4
  • Thread - Red Flat Waxed Nylon
  • Eyes - Small or Xsmall dumbell or hourglass eyes
  • Tail - Gold Braided Mylar piping, or prismatic gold polyester piping (pictured) available in sewing dept of Hobby Lobby.
  • Body - 2 Wraps of red chenille
  • Hackle - 2 red saltwater neck hackles, palmered.
  • Head - 5 minute epoxy


  1.  Sharpen hook
  2.  If using Mustad 34007, place eye of hook in vice, and bend toward point at about 60 degrees to resemble a jig hook.
  3.  Tie in dumbell or hourglass eyes on top of hook right behind 60 degree bend.
  4.  Tie in a tail of gold mylar or prismatic polyester piping. If the piping is of a small/narrow size, e 2 or 3 peices of equal length.
  5. When tying in piping begin less than 1/2 inch behind eyes.
  6.  Fray piping to form tail.
  7.  Tie in end of chenille in where mylar is tied in, make 2 or 3 wraps and tie off front end.
  8.  Tie in 2 red saltwater hackles and palmer to just behind eyes.
  9.  Apply 5 minute epoxy from dumbell or hourglass eyes to eye of hook and rotate to dry.