Friday, February 04, 2000

Slow Sinking Spider

Originator: Stephen Robert

Species: panfish, bass


The Slow Sinking Spider is the creation of Stephen Robert of Houma, Louisiana, and has become one of the best bream (sunfish) flies anywhere. It's a replacement - and an improvement - to the legendary Accardo Ligon Spider, which is now discontinued.

Stephen says, "I use this pattern sight fishing to bluegill and bass. If you have bright sunny days and the fish will not hit poppers and you can see the fish let this fall slowly in their face or in their beds.".

In their presentation, "Magnificient Seven Panfish Flies", warmwater experts Glen 'Catch' Cormier and Larry Offner list it in the seven must-have flies. On many occasions, this fly has done the trick when popping bugs or deep nymphs have drawn few strikes. The SSS is not only a great pattern, but is fairly easy to tie. Making it a good choice for novice tiers.


  • Hook: Mustad dry fly hook-R50-94840, or equivalent, size 10
  • Abdomen: ultra chenille (color 1)
  • Thorax and backing: ultra chenille (color 2)
  • Legs: barred sili-legs or centipede legs
  • Thread: size 70 denier or 6/0 thread black

Best color combinations, thorax/abdomen: black/chartreuse, black/yellow, black/red, red/yellow, light blue/tan


Video by Bill Morrison