Sunday, August 02, 2020

Nighttime is the right time

We're at the peak of SweatFest 2020. The oppressive heat of late July and August means that speckled trout activity will be mostly at dawn and at night. 

Night fishing under lights can be both exciting and challenging. It's quite frustrating at times to see so many fish NOT show any interest in lures or flies. Gazillions of shrimp and silverside minnows will do that. 

To put fish in the box, match the hatch with Clouser Minnows or a variety of white or tan shrimp patterns. Cast your fly to the edge of the light ring, into the darkness.  The most strikes usually take place on the conversion zone between light and darkness.  Be aware that the biggest trout are sometimes directly under the light, so give that area a few casts also.