Monday, February 07, 2000

Flip Flop Popper

Originator: ubiquitous

Version by: Roger del Rio

Species: reds, specks, bass, sunfish

Remarks by Roger del Rio:

Game fish love surface poppers. The noise attracts fish especially when the water is murky or the light level is low.  In fact, some of the biggest reds I've caught were on this fly in dirty water. It floats high and is very durable.


  • Hook (saltwater): - Mustad 34007 sizes 1 to 2/0, or Mustad 34011 long shank 2 to 2/0
  • Hook (freshwater) - Mustad wide gap 37187 sizes 2 to 6
  • Body: any color Shower Sandal or Flip Flop. Can be found at Wal-Mart, Walgreens or other general store.
  • Tail: bucktail color to complement body. Also use a few strands of Flashabou in tail.
  • Eyes: doll eyes sizes 5mm to 8mm depending on body size.


  1.  Use a sharp knife or single edge razor blade. Toothpick used in applying glue.
  2.  Cut the sandal into strips from left side to right side. Make strip wide enough to
  3.  Fit your hook.Then cut smaller pieces to make each body.
  4.  Shape this body with the knife or razor blade then fine tune the body with coarse sandpaper or emery board. The shape is up to you. They all catch fish.
  5.  Now cut a groove on bottom of body for the hook. Wrap the shank where it will fit in the body groove. This keeps body from rolling.
  6.  Now glue wraped hook into groove in body. Use plenty of Hosehold Goop on body. Cover entire bottom. Work hook deep into groove.
  7.  Let set over night upside down wedged in a clothespin. The goop will smooth out when drying.
  8.  Wrap bucktail on hook behind body add flashabou. Don't overdo it.
  9.  Last step glue on doll eyes with same Goop.
  10.  Let dry go fish.