Thursday, February 10, 2000

GBEP Spawning Shrimp

Originator: Enrico Puglisi

Variation: Justin Hanson

Species: inshore saltwater

Remarks by Catch Cormier

This fly is a hybrid of the wildly-popular EP Spawning Shrimp and the GB (Got Butter) Spawning Shrimp by Justin Hanson. The materials and techniques are identical to the GB version, except instead of artic fox (GB) I use EP fibers - but NOT the brush!  Ideally, the GB version would be ideal...artic fox is amazing material. But to do the GB fly proper requires 3" fur - difficult to find!

From May through October, when shrimp are prevalent throughout the marsh and nearshore waters, this fly rules!  You can fish it "straight", i.e., cast it out, let it sink, then retrieve along the bottom in short strips.  But the most effective method is suspended about 3 feet under a VOSI (the flyrodders popping cork).  The VOSI makes a popping sound that attracts specks, the strip/pause technique causes a vertical motion of the fly underneath.  


  • hook: Mustad 34007 or Tiemco 811s, size #2 or #1
  • thread: Danville 210 denier flat waxed nylon
  • weight: 1/50 ounce dumbbell eyes
  • egg sack: McFly foam or craft fur (orange or pink)
  • eyes:  EZ Shrimp eyes, or EP Shrimp eyes, or monofilament DIY
  • antennae 1: Sili-Legs, or Loco Legs
  • antennae 2: Krystal Flash
  • carapace: EP fibers
  • body: cactus chenille
  • wing:  EP fibers

Best colors: olive, tan, light pink

NOTE:  The mono/EP Shrimp Eyes make a better looking fly, but aren't necessary as far as fish catching ability goes.  The fish seem to concentrate more on the action of the materials.


  1. Tie in the dumbbell weight near the hook eye.
  2. Tie in 6-8 strands of Krystal Flash at the bend of hook
  3. Tie in 4 strands of Sili-Legs at the bend of hook
  4. Tie in carapace of EP Fibers, trim to V-shape
  5. Tie in shrimp eyes on bottom of hook extending out but not beyond the hook itself.
  6. Tie in small, very short clump of pink craft fur (or McFly) on bottom side of bend.
  7. Tie in Cactus Chenille and wrap forward, tie off behind dumbbell eyes.
  8. Tie in strand of EP Fiber on bottom side of hook
  9. Optionally, tie strand of EP Fiber on top side of hook, but not past carapace.
  10. Whip finish head and apply sealant.
  11. Trim antennae (Sili-Legs and Krystal Flash) such that fly length is twice that of hook length.


Here's a link to Justin's video on the GB Spawning Shrimp