Tuesday, January 11, 2000

Prince of Tides

Originator: Flip Pallot

Species: inshore saltwater


The Prince of Tides is based on the popular bendback design. Like the bendback, it's weedless design keeps it free of grass.

The problem with the conventional bendback in the Louisiana marsh is that the chenille body picks up mud. Then, no matter how much you try and clean the fly, it remains dirty looking. The "Prince" with it's body of either monofilament, larva lace or small V-rib, won't retain the mud and keeps a gleaning appearance that attracts Mr. Redfish.

- Mustad 34011 or Tiemco 811s or similar, sizes 2 to 1/0.
- gold or silver vinyl ribbing.
- white bucktail.
- chartreuse or blue bucktail
- pearlescent crystal flash
- thread of same color as overwing bucktail


Make a 45 degree downward bend in the first 1/3 section of the hook shank. This is to form the fly head.

Next tie in the thread and wrap to end of shank. Secure in the vinyl rib. Bring thread back to fly head. Wrap vinyl rib around shank towards fly head. Tie off at fly head.

Turn hook over in vise, and tie in matchstick width of white bucktail, "color" bucktail, and then crystal flash, to form the wing. For added effect, add a few strands of either silver or gold crystal flash (to match body) on each side of the wing where a lateral line might exist.

Then build up the head with thread. Using different size dowels, create the fly eyes by using acrylic paint or nail polish in two or three different colors. Finally, after the eyes have dried, cover the head with clear enamel or two-ton epoxy.