Monday, January 24, 2000

Kathy's Silver Minnow

Originator: Derrell Nantze

Version by: Derrell Nantze

Species: Bream, crappie

Remarks by Derrell Nantze:

Fished as a nymph under an indicator, this pattern can draw vicious attacks around lily pads and cypress trees. I use 100% Rayon knitting yarn for the body, but floss could be substituted - it's just harder to work with. The yarn undergoes a translucsent color change when wet.


Hook: #14, 12 or 10 Standard nymph hook
Thread: #8/0 Red unithread
Body: Silver #4 knitting yarn 100%Rayon (I like Mira by UTK)
Wing: Guinea
Tail: Pearl Krystal Flash
Rib: Pearlescent tinsel or fine wire
Weight: 8 or so wraps of lead, .15 or .20


Start thread and wrap lead weight
Attach tail (body length),rib and yarn at rear of hook
Wrap and tie off body, leaving 1 1/2 eyelet gap for head
Wrap and tie off rib
Attach Guinea wing
Build up red head and whip finish

Quick and easy!