Friday, January 21, 2000

Rosborough Hares Ear

Originator: James Ogden

Version: Polly Rosborough

Species: freshwater

Remarks by Catch Cormier:

The original Hares Ear is one of the oldest flies known, attributed to 19th century English tier James Odgen, but likely many decades older. This version of the classic nymph was by Polly Rosborough, author of the book "The Fuzzy Nymphs".  Rosborough was a proponent of flies that are suggestive in nature and which have a soft, buggy profile that displays motion even in still waters.

It was from Rosborough that I began tying this fly.  It has proven to be a productive nymph on many trout streams and tailwaters.  However, it was from my friend Hogy Notzel that I learned of it's effectiveness on redear sunfish (chiquapin).  Today it's my most productive fly for this species and works almost equally well for bluegill.