Sunday, January 23, 2000

Cap Spider

Originator: Mike Verduin

Version by: Mike Verduin

Species: bream, crappie


The name of Mike's fly comes from his first encounter with a crappie jig similiar to the fly. He saw several of these mounted on the cap of another angler during a fishing contest. He was so impressed with the lure that he modified it to make it "fly friendly".

Fish the fly with a long leader, or if necessary, with a sink tip connector. Make tiny strips to drag it along the bottom, then hold on because whatever eats it usually isn't small. Because the jig head allows the hook to ride up, it's one of the best flies ever created for fishing bottom nesters, like redears and oscars.

Incidently, that's Mike himself with a one-pound redear caught at Lake Concordia using the "Cap".


Hook: 1/100 or 1/124 ounce jig hook. A few come painted black, otherwise use black nail polish.
Legs: Barred Sillilegs or rubber legs
Body: Vernille or ultra chenille in chartreuse, black, olive, or your favorite color
Thread: using a flat waxed thread will lock the legs better than 6/0 thread


1. Wrap the hook shank with thread and wrap the vernille around the hook shank. Tie the vernille off at the head.
2. Attach four or six short sections of silli or rubber legs behind the head. Use a figure 8 wraps between the legs to spread them out.
3. Whip finish and cement.