Thursday, March 01, 2018

Little Mo Blues

The monsoonal rains that have inundated north and central Louisiana recently have hit Arkansas even harder.  Little Rock finished February with it's highest monthly total precipitation ever.  That same amount of rain fell within the drainage of the upper Little Missouri River.  As a result, Lake Greeson has gone from 10 feet below normal pool to 13 feet above pool in a couple of weeks.

Not unexpected - comes news that the Corps of Engineers has opened both of the bunger valves on Greeson Dam.  For Louisiana trout anglers who frequent the Little Mo, this is bad news.  The big valves dump a LOT of water into the Little Missouri tailwater, making it unfishable.  While this will help lower the lake, it's a slow process because it's a big lake.  We're looking at maybe 6-8 weeks before the tailwater is fishable again.