Saturday, March 10, 2018

Echo introduces Bad Ass Glass Quickshot

When it comes to affordable innovation, Echo has been an industry leader. The Vancouver, Washington based company was founded and is co-owned by casting guru Tim Rajeff, who personally runs every aspect of the business including new product design. The result has been outstanding products that are often rated highly in various "shootouts". In our own hands-on testing, the Echo Ion XL, Echo Base, and other models have been rated a "best buy".

When Echo came out with their Bad Ass Glass fiberglass saltwater rods last year, it put an exclamation point on the fiberglass revival. A 12-weight glass rod? Sure, many of the pioneers of saltwater fly fishing used fiberglass rods to tackle tarpon. But only because graphite wasn't available (or proven). Graphite has been superior, but no longer. The new S-glass (and beyond) rival the power of graphite but with greater "fun factor". The BAG rods have been a huge success for Echo.

With that success, Echo has added a new series of 8-foot models called "Bad Ass Glass Quickshot". Frequent Louisiana Fly Fishing readers know I'm a strong advocate for 8-foot rods, especially for making accurate casts in tight cover to bass. But the Quickshot rods are more than just a shorter rod. They're faster, lighter and more powerful than previous glass offerings. Models range from 6-weight to 10-weight, and are fast action. Price is $279 which is very good for new glass!