Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fishing improving daily

A much colder-than-normal winter has been offset by an unusual warm spell the last two weeks. The result? Plants are blossoming, green is returning to the landscape, and fish are biting! Surface water temperatures in the central parishes has gone from upper 40s to low 60s in just that short time. And while deeper water remains very cold, fish are venturing into shoreline areas where food organisms are active.

The biggest obstacle has been strong winds, and in central and northeast Louisiana over 6 inches of rain the last two weeks. So finding clear water has been key. When clear water is found, crappie are bunching along shoreline structure or grass preparing to spawn. Fluff Butts, Silli Butts, Squirmy Butts, Crappie Candies, Death To Crappie, Coyotes and even weighted Seaducers are the ticket.

On the coast, limits of redfish are the rule rather than exception - when wind allows. But just this last week there were good catches of hefty speckled trout in interior lakes. One area that has been red hot - for reds and bass - has been Delacroix. Puddlers are reporting best results in pockets of cleaner water.