Sunday, May 31, 2020

Welcome to SweatFest 2020!

SweatFest - the one festival no one likes to celebrate! Well, except for those who love the beach, snowballs, and cutting grass. Kids love it too because no school. Although this year, that's been true since March.

The Summer soltice may not arrive until later this month, but seasons in Louisiana are always about 2-3 weeks early. Memorial Day weekend is usually the kickoff for 90 degree days and 70 degree nights, and high humidity.  Oh, and the sporadic tropical storm in the Gulf.  Enjoy the June breezes because come July they go away and the sweating kicks up a notch.  And so does the tropical storm activity.

With SweatFest comes an emphasis on summer safety. Summer sun and heat bring many dangers to anglers. Heat stroke is the number one threat. Bring an ice chest or cooler tote bag with water and/or sports drinks to stay hydrated. The sun itself is a threat, but does its damage over time. Skin exposed to high UV radiation months can lead to skin cancer. Protect your skin by putting on a high-SPF waterproof sunscreen before you get on the water. Wear long sleeve breathable shirts, a rim cap or a bill cap in conjunction with a gaitor (buff). Always were some type of cover for your feet.

Also be aware that thunderstorms can be a daily occurence in summer. At the first sign of towering  cumulus clouds, start making your way back to the launch (especially if you're in a kayak). Lightning can strike from eight miles away, so waiting for lightning to approach is not a smart option!