Sunday, May 26, 2019

Free fishing days start next weekend

This coming weekend kicks off National Fishing and Boating Week, a celebration of the importance of recreational boating and fishing in America. Most states, including Louisiana, have designated "free fishing days" either the first weekend or second weekend in June.

Free fishing days are a perfect opportunity to try out fishing for the first time. Or, if you're willing to travel, to partake of fishing in another state without having to purchase a license. Some states may have certain restrictions. For example, you might be able to fish freshwater for free, but still have to buy a saltwater permit or trout permit. So please check before making plans.

Louisiana's free fishing weekend is June 8-9. You can fish fresh or salt over these two days without needing a license.

Adjacent states:
- Alabama, June 8 (both fresh and salt)
- Arkansas, June 7-9 (beginning noon June 7th)
- Mississippi, June 1-2 (both fresh and salt)
- Texas, June 1st (state parks are always license-free with admission)
- Oklahoma, June 1-2

For a complete list of free fishing days in all states, go to