Monday, May 27, 2019

ACA National Casting Championships coming this summer

Maxine McCormick at age 12.
The American Casting Association will hold it's 111th annual National Casting Championship July 31st - August 4th at the Pasadena Casting Club in Pasadena, California. Most of the top casters in the world - both fly and conventional - will be on hand to compete for distance and accuracy. Among the many events are Single Hand Distance, Two Hand Distance, Trout Accuracy and others.

Some of the records set at the ACA Nationals include 1-Hand Fly Distance men's of 243 feet (Steve Rajeff, 2009) and women's of 155 feet (Pamela Peters, 2006). The 2-Hand Fly Distance men's record is 294 feet (Henry Mittel, 2011) and women's record of 179 feet (Pamela Peters, 2010). Anglers Fly Distance records include men's of 190 feet (Rene Gillibert, Steve Rajeff), and women's of 150 feet (Alice Gillibert).

And then there's Maxine McCormick. The 15-year-old from Portland, Oregon, is the youngest world champion in fly casting history. She's become a rock star of our sport, featured in a variety of newspapers, magazines and national news. Considered America's top female fly caster, at age 12, she set the junior record for Anglers Fly Distance at 122 feet. Last year, at the World Championship in England, she took the two-handed distance casting title with an incredible 189-foot cast.

Young McCormick isn't just a distance champion. In the Trout Fly Accuracy competition, she has the second-highest score in history, at any category. Her 99 point performance in 2016 is second only to five men who tied with a perfect 100. And all five are casting world champions - Steve Rajeff, Tim Rajeff, Henry Mittel, Chris Korich and Zack Wilson.

Even so, from all reports McCormick has been working on her distance. Now that she's a lot taller, stronger and more refined, there's every reason to believe she will break the women's mark of 150 feet set by Alice Gillibert in 2004 at the upcoming Nationals in July.  You can bet the world will be watching.