Thursday, January 03, 2019

Now is the time for all good fly tiers...

To come to the aid of their favorite clubs and causes. Spring is "conclave" season, those 1-2 day fly fishing events, often sponsored by clubs, that feature programs, fly tying demos, casting demos, exhibitors, and more. All are open to the public, and most are free.

All of these events hold raffles, silent auctions, and other fundraising activities. Part of the revenue is used to offset the cost of the event, allowing for free admission to the public.  The rest of the proceeds go to the club's educational goals, conservation projects, and/or some local charity.

The most popular items in raffles are boxes of flies.  With cold, wet weather forecast the next few weeks, take this opportunity to tie flies for the season ahead. And as you do, put a few aside for donation to one or more events.  A box of 6 to 10 flies makes a great raffle item!  If your skill is unique, then that donation will likely go to a Gamblers Draw or silent auction.

Check the LFF Calendar out for upcoming events. Make plans to attend at least one this winter/spring, and if you tie flies, please donate at least a box or two of your flies. Thanks!