Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Just as predicted - a hard, cold winter

When sneaux blanketed a large portion of the state earlier this month, some thought it was an anomaly.  But with exception of a few mild days, areas north of Highway 190 have been colder-than-normal.  In fact, the mean average daily temperature for December has been anywhere from 3 to 10 degrees below normal. Compare that to last December when the mean average was several degrees above normal. 

For those of us who have lizard blood, Christmas Eve brought us a new level of misery.  It's been hard cold  - today's high was only 42 degrees. The forecast for the next 10 days here in central Louisiana calls for highs ranging from 34 to 50 degrees, and lows ranging from 18 to 28. In other words, it'll be freezing every night, and several days only above freezing for a couple hours!  There's also a good chance of frozen precipitation across most of north and central Louisiana for New Year's Day.

We're not even taking into effect the 15-20 knot winds and the wind chill effect! Brrrr!

I checked the water temperature in the lake yesterday and it was 52 degrees. That's 9 degrees colder than same time last year. Again, that's surface temperature where the warmest water is found. Most of the depths in 20 to 30 feet are likely close to 40 degrees.

With that in mind, it's NOT a good idea to be out on the water right now. Bank fishing is the way to go, even though that's rough. Now is a really good time to be tying flies. Or watching some bowl games. But if you're dead set on fishing from boat or kayak, make sure to read up on hypothermia and take all precautions.