Monday, September 04, 2017

Weather news

This has been a very active tropical season.  Our continued prayers and wishes for our friends in southeast Texas in the aftermath of Harvey, but keep in mind that many folks in southwest Louisiana were also adversely affected by extremely heavy rainfall.  And now it appears that Hurricane Irma is headed for Florida and possibly may skirt into the western Gulf Coast.  It's been a hot and wet summer, but relief is on the way.  A cool front will move across the state tomorrow and bring more Fall like temperatures and humidity.  But even without the front, radiative cooling has begun - water temps are already down to the upper 70s.   This means more active feeding by bass (on schools of shad), crappie, and one of our favorites, redear (aka, chinquapin).  On the coast, this cooler water will accelerate the inshore migration of speckled trout and bring big reds back into the ponds.  Fall prime time is almost here!