Sunday, September 17, 2017

This Saturday is National Hunting and Fishing Day

Established in 1972, National Hunting and Fishing Day recognizes the contributions of America's hunters, anglers, and other outdoors enthusiasts and is celebrated on the last Saturday of September each year. Here in Louisiana, NHF Day is celebrated annually at four venues - Bodcau, Monroe, Baton Rouge, Woodworth - with close to 15,000 attendees. Making it one of the largest outdoors events in the state. Each venue has a long list of activities and exhibitors. Many of the activities are geared towards youth, and there's even food and soft drinks provided at no cost in an effort to get families to come out.  The Waddill, Bodcau and Woodworth venues will feature fly fishing, casting and tying thanks to the Red Stick Fly Fishers, North Louisiana Fly Fishers and Kistachie Fly Fishers. Admission to each venue is free for all ages. Time is 9:00am to 2:00pm. For more details, check out the post in our Events Forum or go to