Wednesday, August 14, 2019

From the Office of Advanced Strategic Planning

Times have changed when it comes to scheduling events.  For example, it was once common for clubs to begin planning their annual "conclave" just a few months before the event was to be held.  That included determining the date, the location, and the program speakers.

Nowadays, if you don't reserve a venue or speaker for your event many months in advance, then it's likely too late. In many cases, lodging for club trips needs to be booked at least a year in advance.

And that is why if you look at our Calendar page, you'll see that nearly all the major events for 2020 have been scheduled.  And in some cases, into 2021 and beyond. The Kisatchie Fly Fishers have scheduled their annual "March Brown" trips to the Little Missouri River into 2021.  The Red Stick Fly Fishers recently announced the dates for their annual "Spring Concordia" and "Fall Concordia" freshwater weekends, held at Lakeview Lodge in Ferriday. Those dates go into 2022.

While it's assumed that some events will recur on certain dates, nothing is ever certain. That's why we urge readers to check out our Calendar before making plans.