Saturday, October 28, 2017

It's official - Lefty Kreh is retired

Lefty Kreh at 92 years old giving a casting clinic
Almost a decade ago, one of the greatest names in the history of fly fishing - Lefty Kreh - suffered a knee injury and decided that at 82 years old to seriously cut back on his events schedule. Since then, he's still made several annual appearances across the country, including one or two stops each year in the deep South. During that time, I've told folks  Texas, Florida and Georgia. had to For over a decade I've told folks that if they had the chance to see Lefty Kreh, they should definitely make the effort to do so.

Well as of this week, that time has passed. Lefty announced that due to recent heart problems, he will no longer be making personal appearances.  Living to be 93 years old is amazing on to itself, much less deciding at that age to retire! He promises to continue promoting the sport from his computer, but it won't be the same. While he has numerous books and videos to his credit, believe me, there was nothing like seeing Lefty in person - his wit, his humor, his style, and his incredible knowledge of our sport. I was very blessed to have seen  him in person over two dozen times and have taken both a casting class and a tying class under him "back in the day".  I hope we can all can continue to enjoy him - via the internet - for as long as possible.