Sunday, July 23, 2017

National Hunting and Fishing Day in planning stage

National Hunting and Fishing Day is September 23rd. Although it's still two months away, planning has begun for Louisiana's celebration of this national event. Established by Congress in 1971, NHF Day - always the fourth Saturday in September - recognizes the many contributions that hunters, anglers and other wildlife enthusiasts have made towards sustainable use of fish and game, and towards conservation of waterways, forests, and other natural resources. In Louisiana, NHF Day is celebrated at four venues in Baton Rouge, Woodworth, Minden and Monroe, with average attendance nearly 10,000. Each venue has a wide range of activities and exhibitors. Fly fishing and kayaking are popular at the Baton Rouge, Woodworth, and Bodcau events thanks to the participation of local fly fishing and kayak fishing clubs.