Thursday, March 07, 2024

LWF Commission opts for 4-fish limit

Today the Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Commission rescinded the proposed Notice of Intent (NOI) for new redfish regulations of a 3-fish daily creel, 18"-27" slot with no overslots, and replaced it with a 4-fish daily creel, also with a 18"-27" slot (no overslots).  So basically added 1 more fish to the proposed daily limit. But in doing so, that extra fish will add 11 more years to the Spawing Potential Ration (SPR) recovery to the Conservation Standard. 

Comments were evenly divided between the 3-fish and 4-fish proponents. Two new commission members both voted for 4-fish while the retired members they replaced had both voted in support of 3-fish. CCA Louisiana has been spearheading efforts to get a 4-fish regulation in place, while Fly Fishers International Gulf Council (FFI-GCC), Louisiana Wildlife Federation, and other groups supported the 3-fish limit.

A public hearing will be held on April 29th for the modified NOI.  If no further changes are made, this proposed regulation will go into effect either July or August.