Friday, August 19, 2022

LDWF seeking exhibitors for NHF Day events

Established by Congress in 1971, National Hunting and Fishing Day - always the 4th Saturday in September - recognizes the many contributions that hunters, anglers and other wildlife enthusiasts have made towards sustainable use of natural resources and towards conservation of those resources. For 2022, NHF Day is September 24th.

Last week, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced that National Hunting and Fishing Day would again be celebrated at four venues across the state: Bodcau (Minden), Monroe, Waddill (Baton Rouge) and Woodworth.

LDWF is currently seeking exhibitors for each venue. Fly fishing and fly tying have long been part of the many activities, so clubs are being asked to register in Baton Rouge, Woodworth and Minden. There is no local club in Monroe, but anyone interested in volunteering for casting or tying demonstrations are encouraged to register for that venue.

For clubs ONLY, one member of each club is asked to register as an EXHIBITOR. All other club members who will be assisting are asked to register as VOLUNTEERS.  This is so LDWF can more easily organize the layout of the venue based on the exhibitor entries.

If no member of your club has been contacted, please email Kristi Butler at for links to the Exhibitor and Volunteer signup forms. These forms are online and take about a minute to complete.