Sunday, May 02, 2021

Register this month for the Jack Rodeo

2nd annual HOSSFly Jack Rodeo
Dates: June 1 – October 1, 2021
Species: Jack Crevalle
Waters: AL, FL, LA and MS Gulf Coast

Entry fee: Free for HOSSFly members, $25 for non-members (includes HOSSFly membership).
Deadline for registration: May 31st

Fly anglers hate jack crevalle.  Hook one, and it wants to take your fly line and backing to Cuba.  And just when you stop him from going outward, comes the long haul back in.  Like towing a boat… using a bicycle!

Well here’s your chance to show Jack whose boss, and get awarded for it.  Hosted by the Historic Ocean Springs Saltwater (HOSS) Fly Fishing Club, the Jack Rodeo is a CPR tournament open to the public, including Louisiana flyfishers.  Simply catch and land a jack crevalle on fly and fly tackle (that will be the hardest part for sure!). Then take a photo of the fish on a measuring device with fly fishing gear in the scene. Submit the photo, along with documentation, to David Buckner (email on form).

The tournament is catch and release unless a state record is caught. Winners will be announced at the HOSSFly meeting on October 12th.

Click here to download the Jack Rodeo Rules and Registration Form.