Sunday, July 12, 2020

Why this week's ICAST more important than ever

Tomorrow kicks off ICAST, the world's largest sportfishing trade show. But it won't be taking place as scheduled in Orlando. Due to concerns about the Covid19 pandemic, the show was reformatted to a virtual format. Buyers, retailers, media, pro staffers and other parties will access the show via the internet. While details of how it'll work were only released this past week, questions still remain as to how information about products will be presented.

One thing is certain. Since Fly Tackle Dealer has already been cancelled, "Virtual ICAST" will be critical for companies that make products used by fly rodders. Only a small number of fly tackle makers will be represented at this show - as it has been since the split with IFTD.  But most of the products that flycasters use are also conventional and will be well represented at VICAST. These include waders, packs, boots, nets, hooks, kayaks, phone apps, etc, etc, etc.

Fishing retail sales have been significant since the pandemic.  We expect it to continue.  With anglers confined to the water or to the internet, every bit of news about new products will get maximum attention.

We're looking forward to seeing what new products are coming out for 2021.