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Remarks (by Ron Braud):

I found this fly in the book "Flies For Bass & Panfish; Stewart/Allen" on page 76. The original fly has an underbody of lead wire rather than a bead head. Using lead wire will give the body a somewhat fuller appearance. The thread head of the example tied in the book resembled a black bead head which is the source of my idea for using a bead head with this fly.

The notes in the Stewart-Allen book state: "Tom Lentz, who tied this example, rates this fly "third in what I consider the big-three brim flies." ". Noting the similarities to the Jitterbee and Cap Spider, both very successful brim flies, it's easy to see why.


Hook: Mustad 9671 #12
Tail: Yellow Marabou ( or Puglisi Silky Fibers)
Legs: White rubber hackle - 4 legs on each side
Body: Black chenille, with a strip of yellow chenille pulled forward, underneath.
Head: Black Bead Head


Chartreuse seems to work as well as yellow

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Louisiana Fly Fishing
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