Topic: RSFF Fall Concordia trip Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

It's almost time for the Red Stick Fly Fishers annual Fall outing to Lake Concordia. The dates this year are Friday-Sunday, September 30-October 2.   For some members, this fishing trip will be "therapy" after the flood.  Other members regret they'll miss out due to the flooding of their homes.   Our prayers are with them.

As with our Spring outing, we'll be staying at Lakeview Lodge on the south end of the lake. The club has reserved the Lodge plus several motel rooms. The lodge sleeps 8 and is site for the group activities. Group activities include breakfast, Saturday night fish fry, fly tying, and just hanging out.

Attendees can expect cooler and drier weather, making for a pleasant day on the water. The fish also respond and come out of their summer doldrums. While the bream may not be bedding like they did in Spring, they'll still be prevalent around the cypress trees. Expect to catch catfish - there are LOTS of channel cats in Concordia! And they do eat flies. Bass and yellow bass abound. Crappie are not plentiful but if you find one, you'll find a bunch. If you see something busting shad, it could be hybrid stripers. The stripers also feed aggressively at night under dock lights.

Bring your 3 to 5-weight rod for bream, 5-weight if you encounter catfish. Plus 6, 7, or 8-weight for bass or hybrid stripers. The same flies we use for our Spring trips to Concordia work in the fall, but sometimes the bream run deep so Tussell Bugs, Cap Spiders, Jitterbees, Fluff Butts, or other weighted bream flies should be in your box. Also bring your fly tying gear as we have lots of tying going on.

Concordia is ideal for small boats, kayaks, and canoes as the lake is long but not wide. Another bonus is that there are two other lakes adjacent to Concordia - Old River Vidalia and Lake St. John. ORV is just a couple minutes from Lakeview and is a live oxbow of the Mississippi River. It can be tough fishing, but when it produces, a  LOT of big bream or sacalait can be caught. LSJ is about 5 minutes from the north end of Concordia. Small boats and kayaks might consider launching at the end of the lake if wind is up.

- Friday night on your own. The lodge has charcoal grills for those who want to grill burgers, steaks or whatever. Vidalia has a number of restaurants offering everything from fast food to barbecue to seafood.
- Saturday morning biscuits
- Saturday night fish fry. Participants are asked to contribute a portion of their catch to the fry.
- Sunday morning big breakfast

If you wish to stay in the Lodge, cost for a bed is $67 which includes 2 nights (Fri, Sat) and tax. You will need to bring your own towels and soap. There are a few beds left at this time. To reserve, contact Thad McDonald at

If you wish to stay in one of the reserved motel rooms, call Lakeview directly. Room rates are $90 per night plus tax. Tell Paul you're with "Red Stick Fly Fishers". Lakeview's number is 318-757-2267.


Re: RSFF Fall Concordia trip Sept. 30 - Oct. 2

Here is a checklist of items suggested for those making the trip.

General items:
- fly rod, bring at least 2
- fly reels
- leader material, recommended tippet 4x and larger, depending on species
- flies and strike indicators
- hat:  preferably quick-dry long-brimmed or wide-brimmed with strap
- sunglasses, polarized
- sunscreen, suggest minimum 30 SPF waterproof
- mosquito and GNAT repellent: bug deet or Amber Romance or Swamp Swatter or similiar
- disinfectant and first aid kit
- towels (bring your own)
- filet knife and bream scaler
- gallon zip lock bags to put your fish in
- Gatorade, Powerade, bottled water to avoid dehydration
- fishing license

Boat or canoe or kayak items:
- life preservers
- paddles
- seat
- anchor or Cajun anchor
- trolling motor / mount
- battery / battery charger
- net
- fish keeper: stringer with FLOAT, fish bag, ice chest
- lip gripper and/or fish pliers
- dry storage: dry bag or Pelican box or watertight box

Comfort items:
- lawn chair or portable chair    (BYOC)
- drinks / ice chest for drinks    (BYOD)
- bath towel  and soap
- fishing glove or tape (to protect stripping finger)
- fish towel
- camera
- medical / health: bandages, aspirin, antiseptic. First aid kit helpful.
- fly tying bag (bring only what you need)

Cooking items - Cooks provide:
- pot
- lighter for propane tank
- skimmer
- temperature gauge (those laser-point thermal readers are great, available at Harbor Freight and Academy)