Just to complicate the matter, is it really fly fishing if you cast a fly with a graphite fly rod instead of a hand planed split cane fly rod?  Does it really matter if the fly consists of non-natural materials?  Although a spoon is not my first choice, it is very effective and is more difficult to "tie" well than most acceptable "other" flies.  I can also say that the only fly rod that I broke while actually fly fishing (for almost 40 years now) was taken out of service with a direct hit by an epoxy spoon fly on a windy day.  With all of the mylars, flashabou, crystal flash, cactus chenilles, foam, paints, lead/tungsten or bead-chain eyes, nylon thread, glitter, synthetic yarns, rubber legs........what actually is natural material besides feathers and fur?  For the record, I fish a spoon less than 5% of the time and I have caught double-digit pound reds on a bamboo fly rod that I built.  My everyday saltwater rod is a 9' 8wt Sage RPLxi matched with a Tibor Everglades reel.     smile  Doug